I am not counting the NGPC and the two games I have for it because that system sucks and it doesn't deserve to be in my collection. I am also not counting the games I got on steam that I've never played because digital games aren't real.

True fans of archaic legacy systems must also be fans of VHS, the third best video format ever made. I have watched this video. I'm not sure if I have played these because I always get Fatal Fury mixed up with Final Fight. However, I know it is not Final Fantasy because Orko is in those games.

Would you believe that I originally got this KOF Maximum Impact when it came out? Well I didn't care for the game and traded it to Gamestop and kept the DVD. Then I rebought the game again a couple years ago and haven't played it. It sits on my PS2 shelf next to Knock-Out Kings, which I have also never played.

And then the crown jewels of my collection. You can tell I have an eye out for the scoops judging by the original price stickers. The SNK Arcade Classics v1 is still sealed! I have not played any of these games, nor any of the famicom carts used as props.

While I do not have very many SNK or Neo-Geo games, nor have I played more than 2 Neo-Geo games ever, I have watched a lot of long plays on Youtube.