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Thread: DC area peeps: check out VUQ Pizza in Bethesda

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    DC area peeps: check out VUQ Pizza in Bethesda

    Thereís a small pizza shop and pinball arcade in Bethesda called VUQ. Lots of machines. $3.50 big slice of pizza. $0.50 play for medieval madness.

    If you live near DC itís worth a visit.
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    That sounds awesome, let's go! (You're paying)

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    I got to check this out a couple of weeks back. MM, Total Nuclear Annihilation, and a few of the other great tables got removed due to maintenance issues. I finally got to try Wizard of Oz which has to be one of the fastest and most complicated tables I've ever played. I'm still not sure what to think of it. Guardians of the Galaxy felt cheap and way too easy a table. I think I sat on one of my GotG games for what felt like 12 minutes. I don't get the love for the new Star Wars table as it felt incredibly boring. I originally went just to play Total Nuclear Annihilation but at least I got to play Attack from Mars, which is one of my all time favorite pins.

    This place is worth a stop if you are in the area.

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    is this where the pedophile ring is based?

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