I met up with an op today regarding a transaction.

Short version:

I got a junk 4 slot and we dropped the fucker. He's hooking me up with a new cab for free as I helped him fix a NAOMI issue he was having.

He's a pretty decent dude and willing to deal. I walked the warehouse today and while there are some fairly junk/shit cabs, he's sitting on a LOT of awesome relics, projects and boards.

I talked him into a warehouse raid/buy while I was there when I return to work on another issue for him.

If you're interested, it's in the philly area.

He's got a lot of classic stuff, some new stuff, a lot of vending machines and jukeboxes as well.

Inbox me for details. We can set it up over the next few weeks.

I posted an OLD thread about warehouse raiding and dealing with ops. I suggest you give it a REAL GOOD read through before you commit.