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Thread: The OFFICIAL... Neosd MicroSD Card thread...

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    Just tested a SanDisk Ultra 32GB UHS-1 card in my NeoSD MVS running 1.05 R05-

    Magician Lord: 0'21"
    King of Fighters 2003: 2'34"

    Dug this card out of my GCW-Zero that I hardly touch anymore so the card is a few years old, but it still put up these amazing times. Great stuff all around!

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    1) microSDHC 16Gb 533x (SDSQUNC-016G-GN6MA)

    2) Firmware 1.05 R05
    3) Loading time:
    a. KOF2003 2:42 (erase+burn) 2:50 (restart and loaded game)
    b. Magician Lord 0:20 (erase+burn) 0:26 (restart and loaded game)
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    1) microSDHC Sandisk Ultra 32GB UHS-1 (10); formatted FAT32 with 64kB sector size
    2) Firmware 1.05 R05
    3) Have not measure loading times, but they're <1min generally. TODO: measure speed

    If you have issues, you may try formatting with a larger sector size. I'll time my load times for those games here shortly. No issues otherwise.

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