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Thread: Garou AES - presumed legit?

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    Garou AES - presumed legit?

    So, foolishly on seeing a copy of AES Garou on eBay last year, I leapt for it and ordered before having the worrying realisation that it could well be a boot. Gulp. It was the first big game I'd sprung for, and impulse trumpted intellect.

    The game plays fine, but the contacts need a thorough clean every once in a while else the sound's all corrupted. I hear that can be an issue with the encryption?

    Today I finally opened it up (good grief it's hard), and... it looks fine? The chips are all mask ROMs with the correct NGH number, it uses a PROGLBA board, there are no EPROMS, the soldering looks machine-done.

    However, I thought I'd post it here to get confirmation before I relax completely. Thanks to everyone in advance.

    PROGLBA board front
    CHA board front
    PROGLBA back
    CHA back
    Gratuitous label closeup

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    soldering points look good.

    you can check the chips at

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    Your pics aren't the best but it looks legit.
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    Thanks a lot.

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    Looks legit to me also. Soldering looks too clean to be done by hand.


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    Looks identical to my copy. You are good

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    Yeah, looks similar to mine. Looks legit.

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