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    SNK_Pro 2017.

    So things are slowly coming back together on the AES front again, so I thought I'd do an update. No point dredging up my old thread as it's all gone.

    In 2012 I decided to sell off the remainder of my collection, and all of this went, a large chunk to members on here -

    Last year I made the foolish mistake of letting the last couple of items I'd held on to go, and had instant regret. That's when the rebuild started. So I have a bunch of doubles as I've bought a few bundles, but this is where I'm standing as my own collection right now -

    I also have myself a nice minty AES system again as well as a CMVS. I had talked myself in to going full MVS a while back, but the fact is that a whole part of the experience of playing the games is just doing so through the home system. It's definitely a nostalgia thing, but at least it's never rose tinted glasses with the Neo, the games are timeless.
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