My neo geo gold cabinet has a hantarex mtc 9000 19 inch chasis and tube in it.

It had great crisp clear picture. One day after leaving it on for about 30-45 minutes i came back to the room to smell burned electronics. No picture on the screen. I removed the chassis and found the flyback had blown apart and cracked in a bunch of places.

I've replaced the flyback and the HOT. Put the chassis back in and had no picture. I rechecked my solder work. Looked for cold solder joints. The flyback is connected right. Everything is grounded.

Put it back in no picture. So i play with the two knobs on the flyback. Depending on how high i turn them up i get a clicking that starts off slow then gets really fast. After a minute the clicking goes away and I'm left with a white screen. You can barely make out some of the text when the neo geo logo boots up. As well as characters on screen a little from samurai shodown.

Any suggestions?