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Thread: Lightgun and Windows 10 issue

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    Lightgun and Windows 10 issue

    Hello , I am really having a lot of difficulty when using hyperspin to play lightgun games with my Aimtrak gun. So basically when I'm in the middle of a light gun game all of a sudden the game disappears/minimizes to the task bar and goes back to windows desktop. I can hear the game playing but cant see it or restore it. I think it may be when I shoot off screen or near bottom of screen and somehow causes the full screen to minimize. I notice it happening even when playing light gun games outside of hyperspin as well. May be a windows 10 setting? Ive tried checking other forums and no luck. Maybe someone else out there is experienceing this ??? Any help would be tremendously appreciated as this has plagued my gaming experience for so long! Thanks

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    You have joytokey or xpadder on? Pressing shift and space bar will do that.
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