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    I'm Andi, 39 from West Yorkshire, UK. I have a reasonable collection of machines and consoles, most of which I've had since new. Finally got myself an AES which has been on the list for many years. The time was right and finally made the purchase.
    I've been a NG fan for many years.. as a kid, a friend had a AES and I was hooked.
    Other consoles I like which I own are the Dreamcast and Pc-Engine Duo-R and GT. These get regular use along with the Amiga 1200 I've had since new.
    Most of my stuff is upgraded or modded in some way to improve it, all done myself. I'm not afraid of a soldering iron and getting stuck in.
    I hope i dont piss anyone off asking questions but I do my research as best I can before asking n00b questions.
    Thanks for reading and I'm sure I'll get grilled soon enough..


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