I didn't post for quite a few days and crap rolled on despite the fact so don't give me that shit I kept it coming. Had it stopped when I stopped posting there would be no argument.

I bought that game here, it wasn't listed as a bootleg either. I went into my paypal/records and it was bought in February. It was listed as a conversion by pixeljunkie along with Ironclad. So when I sold it off I sold it as it was listed.

And what does it matter to you if I keep an inventory of my games and since when is knowing I have 6 games for that system a problem?

I tried when started to share what I knew and got abuse back for it, so no I haven't tried to get respect here as I knew even then earning it was pointless.

Your savage as your truth is only in your mind and your followers. I used your word savage because keeping shit going when there's no reason to. You know at this rate had the trolling quit weeks ago after I stopped posting it would have been done and over.