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Thread: Winter is coming, are you? - Vantaa Finland Jan/Feb

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    Winter is coming, are you? - Vantaa Finland Jan/Feb

    So has been -11 C here today, which reminded me that I have had winter meeting already three times. So why not have fourth? Time is still open, but if there is enough interest, it's late January or early February. Anyone interested and what are good dates?


    Time is 4. of February 2017

    Participant list

    1. miisalo
    2. razoola
    3. berry
    4. rockstarrunner
    5. JP (local)
    6. Teemu (local)
    7. codise (nesretro)
    8. Jupp3 (nesretro)
    9. Sosumi (nesretro)
    10. Asla (local)
    11. Lauri (local)
    12. stt (maybe later during the night)
    13. Orkki
    14. TaiDomi
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