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Thread: NEOSD MVS Support thread !

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    Copied and pasted from a FB thread i made

    Hey guys, can you help me with this. I have a NeoSD which has worked fine on my Neo29 cab. Went to a meet up with my neosd and sg. When i boot up the cart it wouldnt let me go to the game selection screen.Even with the manual reset. So we didnt get to play anything besides Karnovs Revenge, which isnt a bad thing necessarily. Thought i messed up on a menu option so i changed the name of a folder that causes it to boot up to the game selection screen. Forget what exactly i changed but it fixed it.
    Now i stick it in to my 2 slot big red and im getting the same issue. Do i have to go through this every time i switch cabs/sg's?
    What gives?

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    When you can enter the menu (just delete lastgame.cfg from the sd and it will automatically enter there on boot), check in the options menu if you have arcade mode enabled and disable it. If neosd fails to detect a sd card inserted, it won't let you enter the menu.
    Also remember that in a multi slot board, the 'hold start while booting' to enter the neosd menu only works when the neosd slot is first selected by the bios so you might need to hold start and hit the slot switch button a few times for it to work.
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