Hi there everybody! I wasn't sure how to come back on the forums but I figured I would re-introduce myself since last time I posted on here I think was like, mid-2015!

I'm GeePM, I'm a partnered twitch streamer and have appreciate NG hardware for a while, even though I only really got into the hobby within the last few years. I had to take a break for a while since my job at the time wasn't really allowing me to hold up anything, but eventually I really focused on my twitch stuff and now I'm an official twitch partner!

Favorite NG games are probably Windjammers, Metal Slug X & BAMA! Looking to hopefully get back into the hobby again and arcades overall. Really trying to look out for some candy cabs but living in ohio has made it basically i m p o s s i b l e to get anything decent.

If you're really interested in my dumb streams you can find me on twitch under the same name.

Glad to be on here again!