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    A New Challenger Has Arrived: Trenton_net

    Hi Everyone,

    You may know me from Assembler Games, PC-Engine FX, Famicom World, Racketboy, Tototek, or even older classic video game forums, but this is the first time I've registered for I'm well known for being interested/knowledgeable with Chinese copiers, backup devices, Asian hardware, and original unlicensed titles.

    While I haven't directly participated on the forums, I'm pretty aware (peripherally) of what goes on around here. From Dion, dirty Yaton cartridges, Jalphi, to Tonks Aerofighter 3 scandal... I've heard about it all. (^_^); I don't know if that was a major factor in keeping me from registering for the longest time, but I can't deny that life sure is interesting here. :-D

    The biggest reason I decided to take the plunge is because a good friend of mine came across KOF'2000 and gave me a copy. I can't say I was a big fan of fighting games, but something about the KOF got me hooked. The colourful cast of characters, the music... That feeling you get when you go "Oh boy, that intro! This is going to be good!". After liking KOF'2000, I had a look at others, like KOF'97, and I was sold! I guess KOF is what motivated me to take a closer look at all things Neo Geo.

    Anyway, that's my story. Now that I have the Neo Geo bug, it's time to get more games and play. Hopefully once I'm familiar with the games and the libraries, I'll be able to comment about them in more detail and participate in the deep discussions.

    Cheers everyone. Be excellent to each other!
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