i came late to the party, neo geo is pure arcade.. so: mvs. and as my mvs collection is finished for the moment, i thought i post some pics...

some infos:
  • no boots...
  • its a small collection of games, but i dont need every game for the neo geo...
  • i also have a few games on aes/cd and dont need them twice, three times...(well...only some of them)
  • a lot of them are fullkits, but carton boxes are not that sexy & when i want to play a game, i want to play it "now"
  • (flyers and marquees are sexy!)
  • i am also very very interested in new games for all current systems & sold every other "old" system
  • i am aware that this collection is nothing compared to other collections posted here or sometimes not posted here - but i got everything i wanted

thanks & greets from germany


for the haters & what you really need when you only want to play the games: