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    icon91.gif Hi guys !

    Hi, I'm a french 38 years old guy. I freshly moved to the US. I've been into gaming for many years, and used to play to Ghouls n Ghosts, Road Blaster or Final Fight in amusement parks when I was a kid. I'd go then to play to Street Fighter 2 in a bar as a teenager, but I had no real access to neo geos cabinets until a few years later. I knew the AES, we used to call it there the "consoles' Rolls Royce" that made all of us gamers dream of having the 330 MEGA POWER hooked up to our TVs ! When I had a chance to play neo geo games it was amazing. Fatal Fury, View Point, KOF, Metal Slug, etc... So many great games !

    Back in 2006 I had my first cabinet, it was an european cab with a bootleg SF2' in it. It was like I was living a dream... An arcade cabinet at home ! And I bought more games like TMNT, Two Crude Dudes, MK1 and 2, and then CPS2 games. And I got my first mvs motherboards. 1, 4 and even a 6 slot in a time where you didn't have to sell a kidney to grab one
    I own around 40 games and it's a real blessing.
    Later I sold this cabinet and bought a japanese cab : the New Net city. Tri-sync screen, sanwa controls, etc. Candy cabs are pretty famous and easier to find than in the US (at least on the West coast) and look great

    But recently I've seen an ad for MVS cabinets very close to my home, and I ended up buying 3... which was unplanned. But I had an offer I couldn't refuse ! So here I am with my MVS cabinets (all have issues that I'm trying to fix), a MVS-4 ver3, a MVS-4 and a MVS-2. BTW if one of you lives in RI I could use some help -rewards in beers !

    Anyway I'm glad to be part of this community, see ya guys !
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