Hey everyone first I am glad to be part of the community I really enjoyed the noob testing and being limited to post. Now that I can see pictures I feel liberated.

A little about myself is I am a software developer but not in the game industry. I have been a gamer since the Nes days.

I have a real passion for fixing broken consoles and making them work again. I fixed a console for a friend of a friend and that is how I got involved with the neo geo. I had rented an aes as a teen and played some of the games on the wii but that was as much as I played of the neo geo.

A couple weeks back this friend being super happy with what I had done for him found a big red that was not working. He offered it for me free of charge with 5 games. I was honestly shocked but goes to show there are good people still in this hobby.

I'm slowly working on getting the big red working. I have cleaned it and I got it working blind. I think the monitor chassis needs a rebuild.

Here are some day 1 and present pics of the cab. It is a 2 slot board.