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i lova ya VT. i knew i'd charm...

i think I killed Stefan in Vampire Savior laaate after most people left but i think it was still recorded. I bet he was going easy on me. I think there's some pretty fun matches with me and this other guy. I was Morrigan he was Jedah. It had me almost orgasming. VT murdered me consistently in one of those games on the 6slot i forget if it was MOTW or matrimelee or w/e
Ha.. we played both but it was definitely matrimelee.

The MOTW matches were great. WC and I are both really polished at MM and we had some phenomenal matches. He's a really good Garou player as well and we were evenly matched, most going down to last bits of life.

I always enjoy playing him because we both play relatively "untraditionally" and at a pretty good skill level.

Jon and JT, on the other hand, probably have intimate relations with their Garou carts.