So I just hop onto the forum for a sec and I see this neat little button that's never been there before. What a nice surprise

So anyway, hey guys! I'm Tim from southern Wisconsin. I joined up to the forum a little bit ago to just kinda lurk and learn. Kinda thought that I would still have some newbie questions to ask by the time I was able to start threads, but.... I kinda figured a lot of it out myself during that time. Crazy what a little research can do huh?

Little bit about me, I grew up in the 90's and absolute love the 16-bit era. I was always an SNES kid but always remembered playing those cool games in the red cabinets at the bowling ally and at the Pizza Hut in town. To a younger kid, the games seemed just a little different and a little cooler than what I could play at home. I always remember the one at Pizza Hut that had the robots and people playing baseball together in the future. Then of course there were those fighting games that were kinda like Street Fighter II except wherever I tried to play, I would just get fucking annihilated.

Which brings me to today. I'm a software dev, got 3 kids and a brand new wife (this past Saturday, in Cabo on the honeymoon right now), a house, and a couple bucks extra every month to pursue stuff that I love. The "new" wife (6 years together) is always supportive as hell of my hobbies, which is great because none of them are ever cheap.

For a while now I've been looking into those "other" 16-bit games that I never had access to. I knew all the big names but not anything about how they came from SNK and all that. After learning a bunch about the Neo platform, I'm finally able to start getting set up at home.

Well that's my life story for now. The Misses is giving me the eye because she wants to go to dinner.

Later guys!