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    Boss (The Tournament Master):



    Antonov is a Russian billionaire and self-declared "first champion" of King of Fighters. His real abilities are unknown...

    Scheda del personaggio:

    CV: Moriyuki Hishida.
    Fighting style: Siberian Golden Fist.
    Birthdate: Jan. 11th.
    Birthplace: Russia.
    Height/Weight/BT: 214cm/120kg/Type B.
    Hobbies: Watching calming programs (mainly ones featuring small animals).
    Favorite food: Different every meal.
    Forte in sports: Only watches sports.
    Likes: Pets (dogs, cats, squirrels).
    Dislikes: Changes based on the surroundings.
    Final Boss:




    Scheda del personaggio:

    CV: Yusaku.
    Fighting style: ???
    Birthdate: ???
    Birthplace: ???
    Height/Weight/BT: ???/???/???
    Hobbies: ???
    Favorite food: ???
    Forte in sports: ???
    Likes: ???
    Dislikes: ???
    Una volta che avrete sbloccato questi ultimi due personaggi la schermata di selezionamento apparirà in questo modo:

    Spezzoni o particolari omessi nelle traduzioni amatoriali:

    Quote Originally Posted by KusanagiHyde93 View Post
    Vi lascio le due interviste realizzate da "Famitsu" (tradotte in italiano):

    Data: 10/12/2015.
    Sito web: "Famitsu" ("ファミ通").
    Intervistato: Yasuyuki Oda (produttore esecutivo di "The King of Fighters XIV").

    Sito originale:

    Traduzione inglese:

    Traduzione italiana:
    Parte 01:


    ――先日、SNKプレイモアさんはスマホ・コンシューマゲームの開発体制を強化する方針を発表いたしました 。これについて小田さんはどういった感想をお持ちですか?

    小田泰之氏(以下、小田) 僕自身ずっとゲームを作ってきたので、会社のみんなでゲーム開発に集中するって いうのはすごくポジティブな判断だと思っています。

    ――小田さんを始めとしたコアスタッフの方々は、SNKを離れている間もゲーム開発に携わって、どんどんス キルアップしていたわけですね。

    小田 そうですね。集まったメンバーはずっと業界に残っていたので、コンシューマや格闘ゲームなど、開発の 経験を10数年積んできています。
    Parte 02:


    小田 それについては発売時の50キャラが見えてからですね。まだ未定です。シリーズを重ねていくとどうな るかはわからないですけど、『サスケvsコマンダー』(1980年に新日本企画として発売した業務用シュー ティングゲーム)のようなこのキャラなんだろう? というようなものまで将来的には出したいで すね(笑)。

    ※週刊ファミ通2015年12月24日号(2015年12月10日発売)には、SNKプレイモア取締役ゲー ム事業本部長の野口氏のインタビューを掲載。SNKプレイモアがゲーム事業を強化する真意を直撃しているの で、ぜひそちらもチェックしてほしい。
    Quote Originally Posted by KusanagiHyde93 View Post
    Data: 22/08/2016.
    Sito web: "Famitsu" ("ファミ通").
    Intervistati: Yasuyuki Oda (produttore esecutivo), Nobuyuki Kuroki (direttore artistico), Youichiro Soeda (animatore), Seiji Andou (programmatore).

    Sito originale:

    Traduzione inglese:

    Traduzione italiana:
    Parte 01:

    - Every time the devs make an update, they need to check it for 50 characters. The checking process is semi-automated but still a lot of work since they need to make sure of stuff manually as well.

    - Oda: "Make sure you write this: Localization is a much tougher job than anyone might imagine"

    - Oda notes that with larger companies, they can develop games using a method called a "Vertical Slice" where they complete a stage and a character or two and show it off for promotion. But when it comes to fighting games, using a Vertical Slice process takes up unneeded development time and SNKP isn't that big a company to begin with. So the devs worked on KOF14 using the traditional development method: when the game is fully done, it's fully done. So what was shown in the initial stages were.. actually what was being produced at the time.

    - The trailers showing gradual graphical improvement over each release was exactly just that: the devs were working on them with trial and errors.

    - One of those new elements is the refined blowback system, which in XIV blows the opponent all the way to the wall and for allows for new potentials in gameplay.

    - Doing the hitboxes were a pain. In sprite-based/tween-less 2D fighters, hitboxes can be set by each frame of animation which lasts for a few frames, but with KOFXIV the animation is smooth. If the hitboxes were to move just like the smooth animation, it would've caused issues, like it'd miss certain characters. For similar reasons, setting the axis for the charcters were also problematic.

    - Also, the artists couldn't cheat the same way as they could with 2D graphics. For example Chang and Choi looked fine in sprites, but in 3D their size differences would end up looking too realistic. Same thing with tall characters; for example when they'd kick, their legs would look too long in XIV when compared to hand-drawn sprites from previous KOFs. So the devs needed to tweak a lot of things for all the characters.

    - Making the game run in full 60FPS was a true pain and as a result, the flashier looking graphics and effects got cut out. Of course there was the option of going variable in framerate, but the devs decided to go consistant.

    - One of the reasons why the dev team decided to prioritize framerate consistency over flashier graphics is for online play. Oda explains that for each frame that gets skipped, it places a lot of bottleneck over the network communication. And especially with KOFXIV which is designed to allow up to 12 players to join and text chat and whatnot, that simply wasn't acceptable.

    - Oda: "Online is something we can't be completely sure of until the game launches, but as far was we've checked it's better than KOFXIII on Steam, so it should be at standard quality."

    - Of course the online can be very different depending on the user's enviornment, so the devs plan to update when needed.


    副田 僕たちがぶつかった壁のひとつが、武器を所持したキャラクターですね。棒や扇子、剣やら鷹、こういっ た固有のギミックを持つキャラクターは、他のキャラとは違う仕組みで作る必要があるので相当苦 労しました。

    ――さきほどルームに12人は入れるとありましたが、みんなでワイワイやれるのは楽しそうですね 。

    小田 MAXで12人入れるのは楽しいと思いますよ。観戦者がガヤを入れられるので、そういうのも含めて楽 しんでほしいですね。最近はゲームバーなどでお酒を飲みながらエンジョイプレイすることも多いじゃないです か。ああいった雰囲気がネット上でもできれば理想かなと思います。
    Parte 02:

    - Oda's reaction when told that people will forget about AOF and other titles unless they make more sequels: "If I'm going to make to make sequels, I'd rather remake them from scratch and sell them as a completely new title (laughs)"

    Kuroki: "There was a time when I debugged with Soeda and he kept walking forward when the match started. I thought he was charging for a move but turns out he was just sleeping".

    - If there's anything in the game that's balance breaking, the staff will fix it. But it needs to be more like fixing a glitch than a rebalancing patch.

    - F-Shiki/Fuzzy Guarding was unintended and needs to be fixed, but again, the checking process is required for all 50 characters in the roster so and they need to fix it carefully.

    - The game balance hasn't gone under a huge change since the demo version, but they've been tweaking the game after the demo build was done so it won't be exactly the same. Also the devs found some unintended things since the demo so those points have been fixed. Again, legacy support will also be in.

    - The staff have post-release promotions under plan. Not everything is solid yet, but there's certainly going to be a major tournament (tournamenty series, most likely).

    - The staff are thinking of ways to support the community and hoping to release details at an early stage.

    - Soeda admits that only idiots that love creating things are the ones that are left in the development scene.

    - One of the huge changes in the development scene is that the people are more "normal". Everyone is decent now because they've gone through education and college. Oda points out that his company is normal now; you don't have people working all day. In the old days the developers might only go home once a week to pick up some new cloths, and the rest of the days they're working and sleeping in the office.

    - Soeda notes that some people washed and dried their underware in the office

    - Talking about how they made games, Soeda mentions the way how he'd pose in all sorts of ways in front of his desk as reference to the motions he needs to create, like punching and actually throwing someone. He says he still does the posings, although he doesn't do holds on people any more.

    - Oda notes how he had someone perform a Command Sambo hold on himself which he used as reference when he was creating Blue Mary.

    - Kuroki likes to work with 3-year plans, but he was told by Oda that consumers nowadays can't wait for that long. Whatever the case, Kuroki plans to throw in surprises that'll stun players if there's going to be sequels.


    小田 じつは、『龍虎の拳』からジャック・ターナーやジョン・クローリーも出したかったんですけど、「誰で すかそれ?」と言われそうで(笑)。

    黒木 過去には藤堂香澄や如月影ニも出ましたけど、いま出したら如月影ニが『龍虎の拳』のキャラクターだと 知っている人が何人いるのか……。それもあって、今回はキャラクターのデザインを大きく変えたというのもあ ります。タイトル自体が20年以上前のものなので、若いユーザーは『KOF』自体を知らない人もいますから 。シュンエイや明天君なんかはそういったユーザーを意識したデザインに。

    ――今回初めてプレイアブルキャラクターとして『サムライスピリッツ』のキャラクターが登場しましたが、よ うやくの参戦ですね。

    小田 最初は、そもそも出す発想がなかっただけなんですけど、その後は設定がややこしくなるだとか、コスト がかかるとかで難しかったんだと思いますよ。

    ――『サムライスピリッツ』からナコルル以外のキャラクターを登場させる予定はなかったのでしょ うか?

    小田 そもそも、検証から始めないといけないのでナコルルですら出せるかどうかがわからなかったんですよ。 たとえば、「モーションを100個作る必要があります」であれば、スケジュールが組めるんです。ですが、検 証の場合はいつ終わるかわからないのでスケジュールが組めませんし、検証した結果ムリでしたということもあ りますから。

    安藤 新しいことをやろうとすると、大抵は想定外のことが起きますからね。


    副田 本作から参戦する新キャラクターに注目してほしいですね。旧来のキャラクターたちに負けないように、 いろいろな新しい試みをしていますので。PVだけではなかなか伝わらないと思いますので、ぜひ製品版に触れ てほしいです。

    小田 昔ネオジオで遊んでいたお父さんと親子で遊んでもらいたいですね。ぜひ『KOF XIV』をよろしくお願いします。
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