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Thread: Sega Blast City Contrroller Issue

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    Quote Originally Posted by BuckeyeFan81 View Post
    That worked!

    After removing the extra wires from the 12 pin connectors, the D button is working like a dream.

    Thanks again for the help.

    Now i just need to order that mesh and work on my wire management...

    Good job glad you got it sorted. The brand tech flex seems to work pretty good if you like the mesh. Some people are happier with loads of zip ties, to each his own I guess :-)

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    Don't rag on my ties yo!

    Quote Originally Posted by DecepticonZero View Post
    I don't know why you're white knighting this guy, couldn't you buy the North Pole and have the elves build you anything you want?

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    I just recently got a cps2 and would like to dual wire my buttons (1 wired to standard blast city p1 ands p2 and 1 going directly to kick harness) so that i do not have to change the wiring when switching from mvs to cps2. I have seen pictures on the forums of a connector with a single connector from the button that has two termination points, but am not sure where i can find these for purchase. Do you happen to know where i can order/purchase these?

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