So I noticed I now have the privilege of creating new topics and decided that my first should be an introduction thread.

Life long nerd and my love affair with the NeezyGeezy is detailed the "Why do you love Neo Geo" thread. Up until a few years ago I was in the military and as such lived a cramped and transient life. I kept gaming, but using the backpack friendly emulation+laptop combo.

About 8 months ago I got in position to start collecting for the first time in my adult life and started out just picking some titles up off of ebay then migrated to some internet forums/making trading friends off of instagram.
I stayed away from Neo Geo because I am but a mere peasant and sticker shock kept me away. I recently discovered cmvs and have been edging my way into that. My first pick up was Last Blade 2 and I couldn't have been more happy. I never thought growing up that I would own Neo Geo games the joy of actually owning LB2 was amazing and I was hooked. Even if it is the low rent scummy mvs version.

Anyway. I am now here. Let the friendship and rainbows commence.