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Thread: Metal Slug 1 MVS - 512Y CHA board?

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    Metal Slug 1 MVS - 512Y CHA board?

    Hi everyone,

    I've got a Metal Slug board that has a different CHA board than I've seen in any scans or read about anywhere.The chips, boards, label, case, etc. all seem legit to me though. Anyone know what's up with this? Could someone have taken this board from another game (maybe MS2, KOF97) or did some official boards use this as well?

    Here is a link to an imgur album:

    Also, this my first post here (and Metal Slug is my first game). Apologies if I've run afoul of any rules. These forums are very helpful and I want to do my best to keep them that way.


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    I truly have no idea and im new to the scene, with that disclaimer said here is my guess. What interests me is the label, I would wager it might have been bought from an official source(originally) because of the serial number being removed also the board looks clean to me. Again I don't know shit

    Edit: Actually I dont know about that second board. Why is it from 1997 when the game is from 1994?
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    Holo label means it was one of the last produced. It's an SNK re-print of the game based on the board used / copyright date. Factory soldered + Toshiba mask ROMs with correct NGH number = legit. Please scan the boards back and front using a printer and submit to
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    It's just another weird SNK abnormality. It's entirely possible they kept printing MS1 on MVS well into 1997, it was extremely popular.

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    It's not unusual.I've seen it before. As long as your mask roms are official,you're pretty much good to go.
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    I recently purchased a Metal Slug MVS that looks almost exactly like yours. Same boards, holo lablel with xacto'd out serials. You are not alone!
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    holo label

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