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    icon15.gif Hello from Orlando!!

    Hey guys! I'm new to the forum and very excited to finally join the Neo Geo community. Like most of us, my love for SNK started in the Arcades and stayed there for years since the AES required the sale of a kidney to acquire. As a kid I dreamt that Terry Bogard would kick down my parents door and drop off a brand new AES with all the games my greedy little child fingers could get a hold of. Many years later I heard about the Neo Geo X and suddenly grew nostalgia boner. Unfortunately it went limp pretty quickly once I received my NGX. I felt like I had betrayed the games I grew up loving with a cheap third-party hooker. I needed an MVS, a bottle of whiskey, and trash bag filled with quarters just to forget about my experience with the NGX. Once that was settled, my mind became focused on redemption in the form of an AES. After countless hours on ebay I couldn't find a sweet deal, so I decided to wait. Lo and behold a few weeks later I found one on craigslist in-box with 5 games a few miles from my house. After 20+ years of being on the outside looking in, the Neo Geo gods have finally blessed me with an Neo Geo AES!!
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