Hi everyone, you might've already seen me post a bit but I figured I should do a proper introduction.

My name's Daniel, I'm 17 and I live in a small town in the North of the Netherlands. I've always have had an interest in electronics, computers and games, and have had a C64 since I was 8 after I found out about it on the internet, and my dad was able to get one from a colleague of his. That's pretty much what got me into older hardware.

I've had the pleasure of having played on a Big Red, in a small amusement park not too far away from me. The last time I went there, I was kind of getting too old for the park (most rides are aimed for 4-10 year olds, I was 13 at the time), so next to eating the free all-you-can-eat snacks and ice cream, I played some games in the little arcade they have. They had two pinball machines, an airhockey table, a Sega Ralley(-ish) arcade machine, and of course the, I think 4 slot, Neo Geo MVS. Even though my memory is a bit hazy, I can vividly remember the bright red cab, with four bright buttons and two joysticks, and playing Puzzle Bobble, along with a few other games which I can't remember much any more. I do remember it had more games than Puzzle Bobble, though. I think it was a shmup, a racing game, and another game. Wish I could remember what those games were!

I've recently started hearing more and more about Neo Geo, and that made me remember the one in that amusement park I played on again. Sadly, they don't have the pinball machines, airhockey table and Neo Geo MVS anymore. My sister, who volunteered at a school last year, went there on a school trip, and all there was left in the tiny arcade room were racing games. An email from the park confirmed they did not have the machines anymore, sadly. That said, paying an entrance fee to an amusement park to only pay more money for playing arcade games seemed a little daft.

So after more looking around, and wanting to get into Neo Geo after having it pique my interest, I figured the best way to start was with a NGCD. I've ordered one that had no video output from Japan, sold without any cables or controllers. Seemed like a good way to familiarize myself with the hardware while fixing it, and from what I saw, it is a fairly easy fix. It hasn't arrived yet due to me cheapening out on the shipping. However, I later also read about people modding Photoplay cabinets (they're late 90s/early 00s arcade cabinets with CRT touchscreens that play basic bar games like card games, the hardware inside is just a Windows 95 PC with custom ISA/PCI cards) into "normal" arcade cabinets for uses such as JAMMA boards and MAME setups, and with some cash left on hand, I also went and bought a Neo Geo MVS board with a Z80 error, and a fixer-upper Photoplay 2000 cabinet, so I can make my own "Big Red". I'll soon start working on both, which I'll be sure to post about.

To end this wall of text, I've already been posting and reading around the forum to familiarize myself with this community. While it's certainly different from the usual forum, I'm sure I'll find my way around here