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Thread: Neo Geo CD Universe Bios 3.3 Released!

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    Neo Geo CD Universe Bios 3.3 Released!

    Found the time this weekend to updated the CD Universe Bios to a new version. This one hopefully fixes the small issues affecting v3.2 making the overall experience on the Universe Bios on the CD system far more polished.



    • Bios now selfchecks itsself at boot, a red screen is displayed if an error is found.
    • Changing the system type will make the system reboot when exiting settings.
    • Opening the ingame menu should now pause CD audio, it should play again once closed.
    • Overhauled the backup memory manager to improve usability.
    • Formatting the backup memory no longer clears unibios region settings.
    • Updated to include 68k exception error handling.
    • Made the white flash on opening and closing the audio player program box shorter.
    • The finger pointer now disapeers when the Universe Bios settings dialogue is open.
    • The Insert CD dialogue box now clears when the Universe Bios settings dialogue is opened.


    • Stopped entry into unibios features after pressing start to load game from radio screen.
    • Hopefully stopped entry to ingame menu at points where used tiles will be corrupted.
    • Hopefully fixed rare case of ingame menu graphics not showing if entry just before a game game requests files to be loaded from CD.
    • Fixed reset on entry into the cheat database if the loaded game is Fatal Fury 3.
    • Fixed severely corrupted ingame menu if the loaded game is Last Hope.
    • Stopped the ingame memory viewer accessing ranges that cause a system reset.
    • Stopped the ingame menu being accessible on the radio screen after quitting a game.
    • Added large font to ingame menu for World Heroes Perfect, Overtop and Zintrick.
    • Added fix to correct the color brightness (bug/protection) when in Euro region.

    MVS/AES DEV Bios related only

    • Fixed rare issue that caused blank screen on boot if no data loaded or no key code used.
    • Stopped the ingame memory viewer accessing ranges that cause system resets.

    PC-2-NEO related only

    • Some CDZ systems can now take advantage of the faster loading speed options.
    • 2UP joystick passthrough handled better on PC-2-NEO screens.
    • Fixed a minor issue with the progress bar on initial IPL file load in some games.
    • Fixed NeoTurfMasters blank screen after first hole loading if CD audio used.
    • Fixed bad tiles in PC-2-NEO when accessed from the CD ingame menu if the loaded game is Samurai Shodown RPG.
    • Fixed corrupted font in PC-2-NEO when accessed from the ingame menu if the loaded game is either World Heroes Perfect, Overtop or Zintrick.


    • Improved the Crossed Swords 2 gold cheats.
    • Added NeoTurfMasters 'Unlock Scotland' cheat (press D on course select screen).
    • Added a Viewpoint 'Simultaneous Play' cheat.
    • Added more Iron Clad cheats.
    • Added some Last Hope cheats.
    • Added cheat for 'Samurai Shodown RPG' to unlock Omake mode.
    • Added Infinite Magic cheats to Kabuki Klash.
    • Added hidden character cheats to Zintrick.
    • Added 'Show SP commands OSD' cheat for Samurai Shodown 4
    • Added cheats for 'Metal Slug 2 Turbo'
    • Fixed Metal Slug 2 Autofire cheat.
    • Fixed Ninja Combat 'Max Power' cheat typo.

    On a side note, the PC-2-NEO GUI software for windows and firmware has also been updated today to v3.5. It is available for download on the PC-2-NEO page at It has some exciting new features for you homebrew programmers to get stuck into. See the included readme for more information.
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