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Thread: MVS 2 slot video flicker w/ Big Red adapter

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    MVS 2 slot video flicker w/ Big Red adapter

    Just obtained a 2 slot system in need of a little work. The original mv2f board had some vertical line issues so I decided to swap in a single slot mv1c board I had laying around in conjunction with a JNX Big Red adapter. When powering on, the screen flickers in a vertical motion rapidly. I also swapped out another single slot board with the same result. Any ideas what could be causing this?

    After replacing the power supply with a new HAPP model, I noticed the stock PSU plug going to the MVS board has no -5 pin? The MVS harness is also missing the connection on the “jamma” connector. Unsure if this could be causing my issue?

    Pics of the “flicker” and missing pin out

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