So... I have not logged into the forums for ages as I have been busy with life etc.

Moved back to Thailand - Bangkok,, and I think this is the right place for this kind of thread.
I saw before that there is some members that live in the big mango, and I wanted to connect with them.

I sold my consolised two slot to Green Beret (top bloke!), as it was too big and bulky to take with me along with the rest of my life's possessions.
I did however have a sweet new one slot CMVS built by Beharius (legend!) - of which I will post pictures soon.

My only issue is: no scart plugs on any TVs here. As such I am gonna have to get an XRGB. A dude in a mall here (retro games shop) has one for sale at a decent price. It is not the mini though, and I may hold out for this.

Question: Any Bangkok members here? Wanna meet up and play some games? Got an XRGB by any chance that we could try my CMVS with?

That's it. Get in touch.

Oh and... if any of the members ever pass through BKK, then hit me up. Always happy to help out etc.