For those who don't know, there is an early version on Power Spikes II with a different title and intro sequence. Back in 2012 some members came forward saying they had it. One member sold it to another, and the buyer said he would release it.

4 years later, nada.

There has been a lot of new users since then and they may not know about this different version.

There are 2 ways you can tell.
1. Boot the game in the Japanese region to see a different intro and SV94 Logo.

2. Open your carts and check the roms.
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SV94 - the S1 should be stamped 068-S1, No C5/C6 roms
PS2 - the S1 should be stamped 068-SG1, M1 stamped 068-MG1, C5 and C6 present
With the recent generosity of pulstar, the world's going to get a beta of Last Resort. It really is great that we have some people here who are willing to do this.

I think we can find this thing. PSII isn't the greatest game in the Neo library by a long shot, but it still would be cool to see this found and released.

Check your carts!