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Thread: Aussie Rules Football AFL Premiership Campaign 2016

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    Aussie Rules Football AFL Premiership Campaign 2016

    I realize the game celebrated in this thread is not the kind of footy Manchester United or Celtic play; however, it is my hope that this sub forum would be the most accepting of such a thread. ^_^

    Aussie Rules NAB cup is a wrap! W/ pre-season out of the way, it should be a cracking first round of Premiership games this weekend.

    Geelong scooped Dangerfield in the off season, and he looks great in the blue hoops of the Cats. The Geelong Cats *did* get served however, by a Suprisingly tenacious Collingwood Magpies side.

    The second American to ever play at the highest level of pro footy-Mason Cox (213cm tall!)-really impressed with 4 marks and 2 goals to help Collingwood come from behind.

    I'm expecting big things from the West Coast Eagles this year, and can't wait to see Nic Naitanui and Mason Cox square up in the ruck.

    North American schedule, and info on how to watch Aussie Rules on your TV outside of Australia:

    Fox Sports 2 and Fox Soccer Plus are the place to be to catch AFL games in the USA.
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    I wish there was an easier way to watch this. AFL is ace. Few teams here and there in the States.

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    Y'all need to get into Rugby League.
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    Massive rugby league and saint helens fan here themot, i'm just hoping that the green and gold's put the pom's to the sword in union tomorrow i want those white shirt's ground into the ground.

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