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Thread: StingerHU's Neo-Geo MVS restoration

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    StingerHU's Neo-Geo MVS restoration

    Guys, this is my first post here, however I've an active account a long time, so until now I've just read the entries.

    As I just finished my complete restoration of a mid 90's Neo-Geo MVS cab after more than 20 months, I thought share something about the project - first here's some before-after pics.

    I live in Hungary, Budapest and I've dedicated a full restoration blog to this beauty but the real thing is here: a before-after comparison

    trivia: This cab is a Gavin-style officially licensed SNK Neo-Geo MVS machine from 1994 (originally built to the European market at Videoton company in Szekesfehervar, Hungary). I tried to be authentic and keep the original format, so tried to keep everything which works, and trying to fix what is broken. Of course cab got a big renovation on woody parts, lights, total recabling, electrics, controls, etc... and I upgraded the control panel overlay graphics, headglass and a sideart, but at inside - everything else is purely & natively Neo-Geo nmanufactured.

    Thanks for looking.
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    Gotta say that's one slick looking machine. I've seen them in holland, but this takes it to another level. Nice work!

    The only quirk is the use of 6 buttons. Doesn't that confuse people trying to play neo geo?

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