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I am thinking it's something for either PC engine or Megadrive, that's my guess, but it could be anything, and not neccessarily arcade related.
Like optical drive replacements? I hope that's what you mean, because there are enough flash devices for both of these to go around. Krikkz alone has three of them. I don't even know how many flash devices for MegaDrive I own. I don't need another one, that's for sure.

Also, I'd be surprised if this was something else than arcade. We need that CPS multi. I need it, at least. I also need a PGM flash cartridge, and ideally, another one for PGM2. How many systems already have a multi solution? All it takes is one NetDIMM and you can netboot pretty much everything on Naomi 2, including Atomiswave. Same NetDimm can be used for Chihiro and Triforce. We have multis for Neo Geo, F3, CPS2, ST-V and solid solutions for CPS3, G.Net and what have you. Most of the newer PC based stuff like Lindbergh and Type X has been cracked open as well. Original CPS is one of the last big ones. PGM isn't nearly as popular, but prices of some of the titles justify the need for a flash device, I would think. Especially when it comes to Cave's stuff.