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Thread: Neo Geo MVS MV-1 - "mono mod" done to it, how to undo?

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    Arrow Neo Geo MVS MV-1 - "mono mod" done to it, how to undo?

    Hi guys!

    My first post here. Also, I just got my first Neo Geo - a MV-1 motherboard.

    All is well and good, but unfortunately some previous owner did a "mono mod" to it, which means I have to use the speaker port for stereo sound.

    In my setup I'd rather have it through the supergun though, which is why I'm wondering how to unfuck the mono mod!

    The only thing which seems un-kosher to me is the cable soldered near the pinouts. But it doesn't seem to concern pin 10/11?

    Thankful for any insights!


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    It's not a mono mod the stereo is going throw cn2 when set to stereo and throw the jamma when you put the switch to mono.

    It's only the 2 slots and up that have the mvs jamma with stereo out throw jamma..
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