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Thread: CPS2 - Important information to anyone using the hardware.

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    icon16.gif CPS2 - Important information to anyone using the hardware.

    The problem
    A CPS2 system which is not supplied enough voltage can work but at a slightly reduced speed. This can affect suicide free boards and also boards that have darksofts multikit attached. It also affects normal non suicide CPS2 games. Results so far indicate the multikits are prone to this situation, this may even out however as more tests are received.

    The result of under power is games not playing as designed on a fully operating CPS2 system. The symptoms will be different from game to game and some games may show no symptoms at all. QSound problems can also happen (pops and crackles) due to potential fluctuating timings.

    How to check your CPS2 setup
    I have updated the free suicide tester tool to check for this situation for anyone who wants or feels the need to test their CPS2 suicide free or multicart system. The expected result is always a number or either 0x1EAE 0x0x1EAF. Numbers below this show the CPS2 system is not running as it should for the frame tested. Instructions are in the readme on how to use.

    The Fix
    If your test results show you are suffering this problem your power supply may be on its way out or set incorrectly. Upping the voltage if available may fix the problem. Devices attached to the CPS-2 'b' board may affect the voltage required, care should be taken regardless to unsure you do not damage your system when changing voltages.

    More information is always better. if your able to do these tests, please post your results.

    -------------------- original post below --------------------

    Hi, I am trying to obtain some information on CPS2 hardware over all PCB revisions. If you own one and are able can you please run the test code and report back. I'm supplying it ready to be programmed onto a 03 EPROM for use on a phoenix board or as a file that can be injected into the SD card of a SSF2 set on the multi kit.

    To test simply power on the unit and you should see a number (may be hard to read depending on the GFX held on the system). Make a note of the first number. Pressing button one will make the number will update. Over the period of a minute keep pressing button 1 and take a note of the range the numbers fall into (max and min number). Finally also report the CPS2 'b' board revision tested.

    So I need...

    The first number displayed, The number hi/low range over a minute and the 'b' board revision number.

    Thanks in advance, Raz
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