Anyways, *IF* anyone does have any issues with their kit they just need to come over to our forums and get taken care of:


Check it out. All support is handled over there quite easily. We are more than capable of troubleshooting and fixing our own issues. And since no one is complaining about timing issues there is no need for us to fix anything.

Clearly Razoola is trying to incite something as he knows how picky collectors are and putting even a small seed of doubt into someones mind could cause extra unnecessary work for us. It has become par for the course for Razoola and it isn't helping his increasingly tarnished reputation. Do you expect anyone to believe you just randomly decided to check for a potential issue "out of the kindness of his heart"? Really? You might have to adjust your voltage? HOLY S*HIT!!! The sky is falling!!!!!

So sad...... Really....