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Thread: Konami Lethal Enforcers JAMMA PCB

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    Quote Originally Posted by SmokeMonster View Post
    I'm having GTRetro87 recap and replace the chips on my X-Men board. He comes highly recommended at KLOV and his prices are excellent. While I could recap it myself, it's much lower of a risk to let someone with experience do it (in case problems arise), and getting the op-amp and DAC swapped at the same time for a little extra is perfect.

    Definitely look him up if you need Konami sound work done.

    As far as capacitors, I used to believe that voltage rating has nothing to deal with how the capacitor works except for how much it can handle -- but after reading more into it, it's been explained that the farad and voltage rating both work with eachother - the capacitor builds up, say 4.7uf at 16v or 3.525v at 12v (since 12v is what most PCB's use for sound).. now if there's a cap that's rated 4.7uf at 25v -- then at 12v it should be 2.256uf. See what I mean.. makes you think.

    But hey, I'm not sure what the amp circuit needs but as long as it works and doesn't get hot -- awesome

    As far as stereo - how do you have your supergun setup to speakers? directly connected? One thing you can do is build an attenuation circuit on either a SPDT switch OR on a breadboard to bring down the sound to a line level - check out Xian Xi's tutorials on Audio Attenuation when building superguns.

    I will also take a pic as soon as I can and explain how I did my setup for my supergun, although it truly is superfluous and could have been done MUCH more simple.

    Thank you SmokeMonster for the +1 . I've been through A LOT in 12 months over these Konami Hybrid Sound Modules, so I'm pretty avid now when handling these lol.

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    For future reference, if you short the middle two pins on the gun connector this actions a trigger pull.
    This is really useful if you don't have the guns since it allows you to access the test menu options using P1 and P2 start to scroll up and down, and P1 and P2 triggers to confirm or increase / decrease various options / settings.
    Especially useful if you get the board and hook it up to a standard RGB TV / monitor and everything is flipped since its set to mirror mode - this will allow you to change it back to standard display settings.
    Regards, MtothaJ

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    If you're looking for guns still, I have a Lethal Enforcers cab I can pull a pair from. The cab itself is junked, but everything else is good. Even the board. Send me a PM if you'd like!

    I repair and mod Arcades and Consoles. Check out my work on Instagram! @Retro_Tech_Rewind

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