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Thread: burning turbo duo games

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    Quote Originally Posted by NightWolve View Post
    On that point, I feel some clarification is in order as the creator.

    There are about ~5 rare PC Engine CDs that have 4:00 second pregaps and TurboRip will write the CUE file with a standard 3:00 pregap instead because it currently doesn't read Q-subchannel data to dynamically detect indexes on tracks... Not good, in other words, wrong...

    Long story short, I didn't have all the research when I started working on this in 2006 and I got it far enough for 99% of the discs. A big reason for its creation was related to my translation projects, so you could easily split Ys IV and Xak III into ISO and WAV files, replace the Japanese wave files with English dubbed ones, and get a standard size for the ISO so you could flag the size and patch it to English.

    Problem back then was BIN/CUE image file sets used to vary in size with software like CDRWIN, and there wasn't much freeware around (no ImgBurn), so I wanted something free for PCE patching and a ripping style that guaranteed the same file sizes for every track on everyone's computer.

    Anyway, just FYI, it still needs more development work and then it could be more trustworthy.

    And to that, might as well drop links to the latest versions:
    (The absolute best right now is the test link which is an RC build and has all the latest fixes. Click that. When I rebuild that into a new version, both links will go to the same place, and download the same file.)

    So, the latest build above breathes new life into it with default SPTI interfacing to CD/DVD drives and it solves a Windows 7 complete failure issue because (kinda interesting) Microsoft started policing SCSI command packets if you created your own and bypassed their high-level IO codes for reading sectors! They removed this security feature with Windows 8 and forward though... Must've broken a lot of apps, pissed people off I guess, so things went back to working the way they did before. Heh.

    But yeah, it's rebuilt/tested for Windows 7's particular needs, tested on Windows 10 as well. I think my internal ASPI layer probably lets it work all the way back to Windows 95, though it's only tested on 98 and ME.

    A nice new feature unlike other command-line apps is when you double-click it anywhere in Windows Explorer, the window will stay open and allow you to enter parameters and resume. This is the next best thing before finally making a GUI version.

    Most executables that are command-line behave poorly by opening and quickly closing when double-clicked. This forces you to first find the Command Prompt shortcut, then to CD all the way to the folder where you copied it and type its name out to execute it... So yeah, I solved that annoyance finally to the satisfaction of trolls that once barked, "HOW THE F@##$#$K DO YOU USE THIS PROGRAM???"

    Quick tips:
    Add /turbo parameter for max audio read speed. (Though slow is better, there are no CRC checks for audio data, bytes could change, you'd never know!)
    Add /psp parameter to create an ISO/MP3/TOC image ready for use on the Sony PSP via emulator PCEP.
    Add /xbox same as above, for the HUGO-X emulator on XBOX.
    Add /help or /h or /? for instant parameter list if you wanna skip the ReadMe - it won't close on ya!
    Add "/mp3 /turbo" on an audio CD for swift 128Kbps MP3 stereo rips. Game CDs will have the data tracks skipped, but same thing.

    Oh yes, for burning, here's an ImgBurn link:

    Your anti-virus program won't bark at this link when you unzip. No installer, just copy it to a folder and run, that simple.
    Thanks for that! I've always had turbo burning issues.

    What are the 5 rare games that don't burn correctly?

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    Quote Originally Posted by greedostick View Post
    What are the 5 rare games that don't burn correctly?
    Hm, was only one; I got a full CUE dump from the NEC TOC database admin (a friend) cause I also wanted to know exactly after you asked, so I ran a search on all 501 files given and found ONLY 1 game that's incompatible with TurboRip:


    Yeah, you'll never run into it, so TurboRip is fine for 500 CDs of the library then. He tells me it was some prototype that came from a CD-R, so even more rare...

    This brings up an idea though, maybe I'll remove it from the internal database so it doesn't get titled or something till I add Q-subchannel track analysis for proper index detection.

    If you're familiar with how it'll detect a good TOC and title the game for you, like below for the snapshot I tested "Dracula X", it'll just consider it unknown in the future. That's one crummy way temporarily, but I'll see. Probably not worth bothering...

    Anyway, yeah, TurboRip should stick to PCE CDs and most general audio CDs (it can rip Enhance-CD format even). I wouldn't use it for SNK/Sega CD/etc. because you might have oddball pregaps bigger than 3:00 seconds (Playstation1 MODE2 raw is OK/supported). You can check with another more developed app like CloneCD/ImgBurn/Alcohol by ripping with that, looking at the CUE file and seeing if it's pretty much standard/simple. Then still use TurboRip if you want the CD image in file-per-track mode (ISO/WAV/CUE).
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