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Thread: Supergun Builders

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    RGB has ran out of his HAS superguns, but he plans to do another run in about a month.
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    sorry for being late to the party- just realized i was mentioned a couple times here. Kiel and I were toying with a single model for a minute (it was his build). It never made it to the site and it was not heavily advertised.

    I have one left, but thats it for now. Maybe we will revisit it soon, but for right now thats all we got going on in that category.
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    Why not build your own personal supergun? Really not that hard if you take your time planning it out and putting it together

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    So many parts use connectors and screw terminals now a days I would agree with GTRetro. build your own. The most difficult part is having a body and case.

    I just keep mine in a shoebox. Just recently I just put in a sync cleaner along the chain with a breadboard
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    Old thred but I used to make a lot of these back in the day, I just started making them again after 14 years out of thw loop, quite surprised there is still a following for Neo and Jamma stuff, its great.

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