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Thread: FIFA officials arrested and to be extradited to USA for corruption.

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    Quote Originally Posted by MuppeT View Post
    It is also about prioritizing ... chasing around 80-90 year old FIFA fagitz isn't something that the US should be doing right now....
    That fagitz was sending a boat load of money to every nation that wants to kill all non-Sunni people.
    All creature will die and all the things will be broken.

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    Quote Originally Posted by SonGohan View Post
    I didn't even talk about how you live in a shack and shit in the fucking forest.
    Quote Originally Posted by SonGohan View Post
    I mean, at least I didn't say your wife should divorce you or comment on your need to play RE while shitting or whatever else was said.

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    lol team America world police

    oh noez people are being bribed

    what a fucking joke, just waiting for the day for the rest of the world to tell America to piss off and mind its own business

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