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Thread: Pandora Box 3 Multi-Game 520-1 PCB

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    Pandora Box 3 Multi-Game 520-1 PCB

    I thought I'd start a new thread since people seemed interested in how this multi-game pcb runs.

    AliExpress Link $69.00

    Anyways, I just picked this up off AliExpress for $69. Here's my initial impressions.

    - Cart was PLUG & PLAY for me from the jamma edge
    - No video issues, I get a nice clear steady image
    - Quick and responsive Front End selection menu
    - I've only noticed framerate issues on the CPS3 games (Street Fighter 3), all other games seem to run pretty well
    - Buttons & Joystick inputs feel very responsive
    - Nice built-in IO test for buttons and joysticks

    - Requires your "P1 Coin" to be wired up. Must add coins to navigate and select games. No free play mode. I wired up a dedicated button beside my board.
    - Some games have sounds that seem "soft" or the quality has been lowered. Doesn't seem to be all games, and those that do still seem perfectly playable. Note: I'm also running the mono audio from the jamma edge. I haven't tested the line out connector via an amp yet.
    - Street Fighter 3 ha framerate issues
    - Golden Axe is playable but enemy death SFX are really loud

    So far I'm pretty happy with this little board. I was burnt before with a Happy Fish multi board and the Pandora 3 BLOWS it out of the water in terms of game performance. If anyone has any specific game video request just let me know.

    Videos excuse my one hand playthroughs...

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