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Thread: Nanao MS-2933-SW capacitor list

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    Nanao MS-2933-SW capacitor list

    I just finished capping the chassis for the MS-2933-SW in my Net City. I haven't yet seen a cap list out there for it, but since it's based on the MS-2931, I ended up using a MS-2931 cap kit and ordering any extra caps. All in all, the kit is mostly the same with the exception of a single cap and a couple of component location changes. The only different cap value is for C924, which is apparently 10uf 25V in the 2930, but it's 680uf 25V in my 2933.

    So if you need to cap a 2933, but can't find a kit, you can get away with getting a 2931 kit and buying a single 680uf 25V cap. I wouldn't rule out the possibility that the cap on my chassis was replaced improperly with the wrong value, so definitely check out C924 to see if this is off.

    Here's the complete list:

    C721, C203, C232 - 100uf 16V
    C407, C401, C381 - 100uf 25V
    C406 - 100uf 50V
    C971 - 10uf 16V (BP)
    C924 - 680uf 25V
    C332 - 10uf 250V
    C930, C957, C960, C711, C927, C505, C503, C712, C723, C234, C201, C613, C609, C626 - 10uf 50V
    C454 - 1uf 100V
    C624 - 1uf 50V
    C621, C230 - 2.2uf 50V
    C922 - 2200uf 25V
    C929 - 220uf 16V
    C233 - 22uf 50V
    C531, C532 - 330uf 35V
    C506 - 330uf 25V
    C608 - 33uf 50V
    C722, C625 - 4.7uf 50V (BP)
    C614, C636 - 470uf 16V
    C910 - 470uf 35V
    C954, C961, C535, C353, C356, C202, C231, C104, C361, C362, C607 - 47uf 16V
    C953 - 47uf 250V
    C923 - 680uf 10V
    C905 - 1200uf 200V
    C921 - 470uf 250V
    C702 - 6.8uf 250V

    Hope this helps someone in the future!

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    This is awesome. Thanks for the listing! I have never seen a cap listing anywhere for the 2933 either.

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    Yissss! Good work, foobs teh noob!
    It's impossible to be a nice guy on the internet.

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    Bumping this thread just to let people know my C924 was a 680uf 25V as well, so his chassis wasnt tampered with on that cap at least.

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    Cool, thanks for validating

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    Bumping this with a couple questions for any 2933 owners out there.

    Was just working on recapping my 2933 with a 2931 cap kit, and noticed a couple inconsistencies with my kit and the caps listed here. It would've been smart for me to compare before I pulled all the caps off the board, but *sigh* hindsight...

    - C230 as 2.2uf 50v. My cap kit came with 22uf 50v, want to confirm that's not the right cap
    - C923 as 680uf 10v. My cap kit came with 2200uf 16v, want to confirm that's not the right cap
    - C614: my chassis never had that cap, the holes are soldered over - is that kosher?

    Re C924: I've confirmed that mine is also 680uf 25v just to eliminate any doubt for others in the future.

    Thanks for any help.

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