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Thread: Fuck Yeah Vita!

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    Quote Originally Posted by lachlan View Post
    I'm surprised anyone would update to 3.70 firmware, what games require that? none in English that I know of.

    Now get your game on!
    I believe that the other person wanted to restore it to factory settings and remove his psn ID So he updated just to be safe (in his own mind) and then delete his information. Or he could just use the vita as a ps4 streaming games inside his house. And the latter requires of the vita to be on the latest firmware.

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    PS Vita will soon end production in Japan, according to the official Japanese PlayStation website. The pages for the PCH-2000 ZA11 (PS Vita Black) and PCH-2000 ZA23 (PS Vita Aqua Blue) SKUs, which are the only two remaining PS Vita models in production in Japan, mention that “shipments are scheduled to end soon.”

    Sony Interactive Entertainment, which manufactures PS Vita, had previously confirmed that production of the handheld will end in 2019.

    While a specific end date is currently unknown, it is worth noting that when PlayStation 3 ended production back in May 2017, the official Japanese PlayStation website posted the same notice two months prior.

    PS Vita first launched in December 2011.

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    We all knew it was coming but still...

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    It's been a slow death, but it hasn't been entirely painful. Lots of indies were still releasing Switch and Vita versions. Not sure why you would go Vita in that case, but devs did it anyways.

    It'll be interesting to see which Vita titles stand the test of time. Not too many exclusives in the later years, but some of the early titles are still amazing.

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    Quote Originally Posted by gusmoney View Post
    "[M]ost agggressive gaming sites" has to be one of the strangest statements I have ever heard.

    A bunch of forty-something video-gaming nerds that are only keyboard commandos and mostly sedate pussies any other hour of the day cannot really be all that aggressive, can they? (My self included.)

    I love the lads here, this forum in general, and the mentality but lets not kid ourselves about this being some sort of dark web tough corner of the world.

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