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Thread: New 3ds early adopters thread

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    Quote Originally Posted by neomeo View Post
    Congratulations on your 3ds. Unfortunately there are different displays for the 3ds. It’s basically a lottery.
    How often are you going to say that? You will never get marketplace access this way.

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    It's neo_moe's retarded cousin. Give him a break.

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    So I picked up a N3DS XL from a kid going home and played a bunch. Used the second stick for DQ8 and it's incredible, while the display made Metroid and Professor Layton look great. It will replace my 3DS as my main unit for sure, and I'm looking forward to playing more 2 stick games with it like RE Revelations again, Majoras Mask, etc.
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    ggallegos1 Is a cock sucking faggot. That is all.

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    Is there a list of games that don't have 3D support somewhere? I refuse to buy such games unless they're 3DS exclusive.

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    Amazon has the SNES Edition New 3DS XLs in stock for $150 shipped w/Prime. Pretty good scoopin' price.
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    Quote Originally Posted by madman View Post
    Amazon has the SNES Edition New 3DS XLs in stock for $150 shipped w/Prime. Pretty good scoopin' price.
    That is a pretty good deal! I enjoyed the Zelda games on that console. Sold it after I finished them though, just not into mobile gaming.
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