I have a neo geo MV2F board I got off eBay Iím trying to repair.

Problem: the screen shows a rolling/flickering line as if the sync is off but the picture is not whole - more of just a couple lines. Does this with/without a cart in and whether or not the diagnostic rom is in or normal rom. (Although lines are greenish with diag chip and reddish if not)

Upon initial inspection the slow video ram (green dotted in the picture) looked physically damaged/melting so I replaced them and cleaned up the board to some extent.

Changing them did not help and I noticed that the lspc2 and video fast ram are really hot to the touch (unlike my other mvs2f board). Both have yellow dots in the image.

Iím not sure what next step to take. Iíve gone over the board looking for damaged traces but not finding anything.

I believe lspc2 provides sync which could explain the output but Iím not sure if maybe the fast ram should be swapped out and I donít have a spare lspc2 that I want to use.

Edit: i realize the monitor image looks like vertical collapse but itís not. The image is rolling and other MVS pcb displays fine. Hard to capture a rolling sync like issue in an image.

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