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Thread: My cabs collection.....

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    oh wow you are truly blessed.

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    Quote Originally Posted by mr.2jz View Post
    Amazing collection.

    I was over in Italy a year ago, visiting relatives. From Rome, Firenze, Pisa, to Viareggio, I'd look for arcades or cabs when I had some free time. Couldn't find anything, sadly. Great find! Sega cabs are my favourite as well.
    Well now here in Italy it's really difficult to find Arcade places since nearly 99% are now full of slot machines only...
    Maybe just near Rimini you can find some old arcades.
    Next time you can visit out gameroom....for sure it will be better than many arcade places out there.

    Quote Originally Posted by thieslo View Post
    I am jealous of your F-Zero AX deluxe back there Nice snag
    Yes that's a great machine...
    Currently we have two (one in my gameroom and one in my mate's gameroom) and a twin machine.
    They are really nice machines...shame that they didn't include a Championship mode inside it.

    Quote Originally Posted by SouthAmericaNeo View Post
    oh wow you are truly blessed.
    Thank you mate.

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    nice collection of cabinets

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