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Sorry for the belated reply!

Thank you guys for picking up the release and the comments! We worked hard on it.

One thing that's not listed is that we added the missing signs to the subtitles and I fixed the names of the characters to be canonical to the games where I could (Like the name of Kim Kaphwan's son.)

I was able to also get the production art in there at the very last minute.

If it's old and standard def, like the Fatal Fury OVAs, we usually get Digibetas or even older 1 inch stuff sometimes (Pizza Cats comes to mind) and we'll get that transferred to prores. Sometimes the Japanese licensor may even send us m2v (MPEG2 for DVD) files. HD stuff, if it's on HDCam, it'll be also be transferred to Prores for us. A lot of the time we just get a hard drive with prores on it! I don't know what the source of Violence Jack is, unfortunately; didn't work on that!

Japan doesn't generally throw out the the film, though they've lost it in some cases. Like the original negative for Project Ako is nowhere to be found currently. Hoping to find it somewhere!!
Ashura, Thank you for taking the time to respond and giving insight to the raw materials used for certain releases..

I've been a fan of the first 3 Urotsukioji OVAs since the late '80's. At some point, I hope it gets an uncensored North American re-issue from a film master..

The combination of Yamato & Gundam theatrical staff made an erotic anime masterpiece.