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Thread: 1st neo geo game that got you hooked?

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    After picking up a Sega Saturn on deep discount when the system was dying off, I was surprised to find a few Japanese titles being sold at the local Software Etc. / Babbages. I ended up picking up King of Fighters '97 and was immediately in love with the style of the game. When I found it had fighters from Fatal Fury and Art of Fighting which I had rented for SNES in my younger days, I was even more pumped.

    Have been day dreaming about owning an AES ever since... currently bugging max 330 mega to sell me his system.

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    I don't think 97 was released on the Saturn where I am (Europe) but I had 95 along with its ram cart and I loved it. Played it to death and could beat it on hardest difficulty. I cannot for the life of me beat it now though on the MVS.

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    I grew up with some games not even knowing they were snk at the time, but the one game who made me a believer was easily Art of Fighting 2, i walked into a friends house who was playing the Neo Geo AES version and seeing the beating they could take and the zooming, was mind blowing to me at the time. Later growing up I found out fatal fury(mega drive), samurai shodown(mega drive), world heroes(snes), the first art of fighting(snes), karnov’s revenge (arcade), but the truth of the matter was that i had a language barrier so I didn’t know the game was art of fighting 2 until i researched who the character named “King” was, her stage ost is memorable to say the least
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    I have to split it into 2 parts. Fighting games and everything else.

    Non Fighting Neo Game: Metal Slug 3
    Played this one in arcades first. Loved the replay value it had and truly snagged me on the "just one more" feeling I had to play it again. Great High Score game and you really do end up playing against yourself when playing solo. On top if that it is a great game to have a buddy with you when playing it.

    Fighting Game: …Tough one. Probably would have to be KOF 98. Was the first SNK fighter I actually dumped time into to learn. It introduced me to not only the KOF series as a whole but everything that was attached to it. AOF, FF, ect. From there I just branched off. Mark of the Wolves, Samsho, ect.

    Honorable Mention: Neo Turf Masters
    Every new player scoffs when I first bring it out to play. I tell them that I know you think I am crazy but you will be addicted to this game by the end of the first full 18 holes you finish..... After they finish hole 18, they turn to me and tell me I was right.
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    Puzzle Bobble. Played it once and loved it

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    Since I suffered from a severe case of Street Fighter 2 Fever in my youth, it was the OG MVS fighting games that did it for me at the arcades. Fatal Fury, Art of Fighting and World Heroes.

    I played a lot of the Sega Genesis Samurai Shodown and later the Sega Saturn import of KOF 97 as well.

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    SS2 then... now... and forever

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    Fatal Fury 2 on SNES - the start of my life-long obsession with SNK games. KOF 95 was my impetus in the mid-90's to finally throw down the money on an AES.

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    Puzzle Bobble and Metal Slug X

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    King of the monsters although I didn’t know it was a whole system with lots of games

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