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Thread: Offical Omega CMVS Tech Support Thread

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    Quote Originally Posted by Ray View Post
    I've been having similar problems in both RGB and component mode using original cables shipped with the system. In RGB mode it tends to lose sync or one of the colors, and in component mode it loses red much like you describe. Sometimes re-connecting the cable would solve the problem, and other times a reboot seems to do the trick. I think in my case it may be a problem with the video board or the mini-DIN connector being loose.

    I might pick up one of those replacement boards at some point but for now the video problems aren't too common on my end.
    Same question as above. How long have you owned the system and the cables? I've made some adjustments to how the video board is put together over the years so a loose mini-din connector is not out of the impossible.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Dominance9 View Post
    New problem with my Omega, hopefully someone can chime in here:

    I had my Omega hooked up to my ossc via component cable for about 2 years and everything was fine. But out of no where, it started loosing sync a few months ago. I messed around with some ossc settings but couldnt get it it sync again. Thinking maybe there is something wrong with the ossc, I switched the Omega to my Sony CRT via component and it played fine. The ossc has been fine, no problems with any other systems, just the Omega issue.

    The Omega has been fine for the few months its been on the CRT. I went to play it last night and the colors looked all wrong...Everything kinda looked off and there was no red, it was kinda of a drab gold color instead of red. I tried 3 carts, all were having the same issue. Thinking maybe its a cable problem I moved the cable around, made sure everything is hooked up right and tight, etc. no change. Tried a different input on the TV, no change. I noticed when I unplug the Red video cable of the component cable, there is no change. Its like its not getting any red. Just in case, I tried my PS2 which is also on component thru the same tv input, and everything looks perfect.

    So its definitely something with the Omega. Do you guys think its just the cable, or something more than that?
    Someone just had this same issue with their AES with the OSSC, the fix was to delete the profile and make a new one.

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