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Thread: Sega System 32 Motherboard: No sound

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    It's honestly a motherboard that will drive you bonkers. I've had 2 problems with System 32 boards. One being that IC16 sound problem and another being a weird graphic glitch that pops up randomly. The first guess was obviously a loose solder joint, but neither Ken (at Irepairsega) or I could find it and it drove us bonkers. We also tried looking to see it was a bad ram that was randomly glitching to no avail.

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    Should Z80s A0 line connect to any of those 74244s like other address lines? I have soldered socket for the z80 and can't quite see the traces. I managed to get rid of most of the ringing in the clock line and found two legs I had to reflow in one of the sega chips but still dat ic 16 bad and no sound.
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    I hate to revive a 17 month old thread but I am having a similar issue with a Rad Mobile, did anyone figure out why this system's sound dies out?

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