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Thread: Can Liverpool win the title?

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    Can Liverpool win the title?

    With Manchester City and Chelsea both dropping points at the weekend I was thinking to myself if Liverpool can beat Tottenham at Anfield today they could go top on 71 points with six games to go.

    If Liverpool can keep up with consistently winning their remaining games they will have a very good chance this season.

    One crucial match for them though is a home game at Man City on the 13th of April and could well be a title deciding game with the Premiership title wide open still.

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    City have got some pretty simple games: Villa, West Ham, Palace and West Brom. If things go to plan, which to be fair with City they rarely do, I think we can win it. Liverpool only really have Chelsea and us, other than that they have a good chance.

    It's refreshing to see a close race for the league this season. I would rather have this nearly every season than a clear winner by Christmas.
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    City will beat Liverpool for the title

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    I hope they can win the league, they deserve it

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